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Chris Mason
Mar 27, 2018

Big day tomorrow!


Hi everyone, big day for me and the wife tomorrow. We get to meet the newest member of the brand family as we go for our 12 week pregnancy scan! 😁

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  • kanyon07
    Mar 25, 2018

    WCW bought WWE in 2001! thats my theory. I know what you saying right now - oh my, the author clearly lose his mind! But bear with me on that. I'll give you some facts. In 2001 WCW wrestlers invades WWE. Storyline? Yes. But was it only kayfabe? 1. A lot of WCW guys was going to WWE even before that - Malenko, Jericho, Saturn, Malenko, Big Show and so on. 2. In 2001, The Rock is leaving, Austin made classic WCW-style cowardly heelturn, thus eliminating himself and attitude era., HHH continues to be heel, instead of receiving much needed face push. So all WWE top stars is buried. 3. WCW guys like Jericho and Benoit receiving major push. I repeat - eх-WCW guys get major push. 4. A lot of WCW guys' contracts is bought and maintain their power. 5. Eric Bishoff and Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan and Ray Mysterio and NWO is back big time. 6. Hollywood Hogan receive major push vs booed Rock. 7. Then Rock turns cowardly heel and destroys himself as a star. 8. Goldberg, main WCW star is back in full power and beats everyone easily, includin WWE's very own Lesnar. 9. Benoit and Eddie becomes champions, Jericho becomes first ever undisputed champion beating The Rock and Austin in one night. 10. Even WCW title is back! So, lets imagine wrestling organization, where NWO running wild, Hulk Hogan beating everyone, Goldberg is ripping thru the opposition, where Eric Bishoff and Ric Flair is present, where Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Jericho gets major title runs and fighting for WCW title, and where other guys like Rock and Austin and HHH continues to be cowards and heels. You mean to tell me that this is WWE destroying WCW, their sworn enemy? Who in the right mind would do such a thing after defeating their arch-rival? Can you imagine yourself in such situation, doing this kind of favors to your sworn enemies that were threatening to erase you from the face of the earth? Are you kidding me?
  • BIG Josh Hinkle
    Mar 25, 2018

    Hi to all the new brand members. my name is Big josh hinkle. I have been with the brand since late 2014. I remember when Vince started on his site pyroandballyhoo and he use to do late night podcast called the swerve late at night. I Would stay up and watch the swerve and vince would do a great job every thursday night on his youtube channel. Vince gave me the nickname big josh one time on twitter where we were just tweeting each other and he called me big josh. ironically enough i use to be a fan of a wrestler in the early 90s WCW named BIG JOSH . how the 2 are connected are amazing. to all the new members . welcome to the family. if you are a nascar fan. i do a podcast called in the pits on russos brand family channel on youtute and here on russosbrandfamily.com follow me on twitter at @BigJoshTV7K and i will add you on facebook at facebook.com/joshandmozart2010 welcome to the family . the best family period. no drama . no bs. we are FAMILY! - BIG JOSH HINKLE
  • mokoloco88
    Mar 24, 2018

    no more negitivity guys Its a new day. I’am not affraid to say im a Vince Russo Mark! est.2016